I believe that
your soul

my soul


old friends.


Mandeq Ahmed, “Mates”  (via 5000letters)

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Uh so I've been having problems at work cos the lady I work with seems to think I don't know what I'm doing and I'm afraid she will get me fired, but I need this job for work study and college money and I'm afraid to go to work tomorrow/confront her because I'm afraid I'll start crying and I was just wondering if you would write something fluffy and cute for Sterek? Your writing is some of my all time favorite and you totally don't have to because I'm sure you're plenty busy doing other stuff. - Anonymous


[I hope everything goes okay with your work! Maybe you can talk to your manager separately (or a different coworker) to explain the situation without having her involved in it so it’s less stressful for you? Anyways I hope it works out. Have some flirty sweatpants and Chipotle fluff]

Derek doesn’t even bother changing out of the outfit he slept in (yesterday? two days ago?). He’s just achingly hungry and near brain dead, all he wants is a burrito bigger than his face and he can get back to studying for his finals. 

The Chipotle on campus is luckily open late, and there’s only a short line. He recognizes the guy working the counter though and immediately wishes that he had pulled on an actual shirt and jeans or something. Derek groans and looks down at himself, his faded sweatpants and threadbare henley that barely even count as pajamas anymore. 

And sure enough, Stiles’ eyes kind of widen when he sees Derek approach the counter, probably is thinking of what a huge slob he is. 

"Hey, Stiles," Derek says. "Can I get a carnitas burrito?"

"Sure thing," Stiles says, plopping a tortilla in the warmer thing. There isn’t anyone behind Derek in line, so Stiles just leans forward on the counter. "How’s finals week going for you?" 

"Terrible," Derek says. "I’ve got two back to back tomorrow, I’ve been studying for so long I don’t remember what colors look like," he says. "You?"

"I totally feel you," Stiles says, chewing on his bottom lip, and rambles on about his Classics final, doing that thing with his mouth that Derek wishes he would feel him, and not for the first time Derek wishes he had more game and could have crossed the more-than-friends line with Stiles, oh, maybe two quarters ago. And that he wasn’t only wearing his sweatpants— actually, Derek realizes, shifting a little, he might be only wearing his sweatpants. He didn’t do laundry last week, so… yeah. 

This is awkward.

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I have beautiful everything.

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Dylan Sprayberry, Mason Dye and Orny Adams - The Houston Con (Day 2)

Teen Wolf + Movies [2/?]
1. Matrix (1999)
2. The Birds (1963)
3. The Gate (1987)
4. Batman (1989)
5. The Ring (2002)

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cora hale + black/white for wholesomeobsessive

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Hobrien at TV Guide yacht Comic Con 2014 (x)

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Teen Wolf cast demonstrating their dancing skills

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And then I saw that Melissa Fumero had been cast as Amy Santiago on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and I felt my guts roll up into my throat and try to escape out of my mouth. Omgomgomgomg that’s it then. There’s no way in hell a major network is gonna cast two Latina actresses in such a tight ensemble show I AM SCREWED.

And then next day my agents called and told me I’d booked it.

I couldn’t believe it. I had been saying to my boyfriend the night before how there was JUST NO WAY. Normally, The Latina is a singular element of the ensemble she is working in. She’s there to provide contrast, or sexuality, or humor. Or she’s there to clean the floors and/or steal your man. There are some serious stereotypes very much alive in film and TV today, and The Latina is one of them.

Here’s the thing though. The world is changing. Slowly but surely, television is changing. The character stereotypes are changing, or being turned inside out by some fantastic writers and actors (I’m looking at you, Orange is the New Black, Scandal, and The Mindy Project). People of color are on TV playing roles that are fleshed out, complex, human. And yes, some of those characters are maids. Some are sexy heartbreakers there to steal your man. Some own BBQ joints, while some are Chiefs of Staff. Some are prisoners, and some are cops. All are real people with hopes, dreams, ambitions, fears, and all the other vast human emotions and desires…

…This is important. Because young women are watching TV, and they are getting messages about who they are in the world, who the world will allow them to be. And in big important steps, television is showing a reflection back to those young women that YOU CAN BE WHATEVER THE HELL YOU DAMN WELL PLEASE, and that two Latinas on one show is NORMAL. I think that’s a win for everybody.


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