the banshee, the werecoyote, and the kitsune

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Scott and Stiles communicating by aggressively flailing at each other.

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1x08 | 2x11 | 4x03

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SHE DOES NOT BRAVE THE WAR - A Teen Wolf ladies mix

Songs for dead girls, for the Teen Wolf ladies who deserved more than the hand they were dealt.


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Papa Stilinski could really use a vacation tbh

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Alpha Con - Vienna, Austria *

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Sterek in #36 for leeeeeex

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the one with the prom video - Anonymous


"Oh my god, dude, look at your floppy hair!” Stiles swats Scott in the chest as Derek puts down drinks, cranes his head to see what they’re watching. Something heavy drops in his stomach, panic begins to spread through his veins.

"What is this?"

"I’m not sure," Scott scratches his chin, "We found a bunch of home movies when mom and I were clearing some stuff out, earlier. This must be, what? Twenty-thirteen?"

"Shit! This is prom night!" Stiles begins laughing raucously when he sees himself on the screen; hair insanely over-gelled and suit ever so slightly too big.

Derek straightens up, “Turn it off.”

"What?" Scott glances up at him, "No! Dude, you weren’t even there!"

"No, no, look," Stiles nudges his knee, gestures at the screen to where Derek’s sitting on the stairs, aggressively ignoring the camera Melissa’s pointing his way. "You look so scrawny," he teases, "I don’t even remember you being around that night."

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Oh my god, the carpet. No god, no.

Hey, it’s okay. It’ll come out. Was it valuable?

(aka what was actually said in this scene)

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